CPLI: Alternative Energy Fuel Cell Farm

Our 7.6 Megawatt fuel cell farm is connected to the Long Island grid as an alternative cleaner technology, following the model of community solar. Technically referred to as Community Distributed Generation (CDG), it is a New York State program aimed at making clean energy accessible to more people. Renters, co-op/condo owners, small businesses, and homeowners all have an equal opportunity to save money without installing solar panels on their roofs or property. The electricity produced by our fuel cell farm is divided among multiple participating customers, called subscribers, resulting in savings for everyone. Our subscribers receive energy credits, reducing the cost of their own PSEG Long Island electric bill. CDG is an excellent option for anyone looking to save money each month but who either cannot or does not want to host renewable energy where they live or work.

$1,163,230 in first year savings for Long Islanders

65.7 gWh of clean electricity created

Over 8,000 subscribers

CPLI’s Fuel Cell Product

Our fuel cell farm is powered by Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cell technology. The Bloom Energy Server delivers highly reliable and resilient, clean electric power. These units convert fuels — such as natural gas, hydrogen or biogas — into electricity through an electrochemical process without combustion. The environmental benefits of utilizing this technology are sizable. Compared to traditional power generation on Long Island, our project provides the following environmental benefits.

Sustainability Benefits

GHG Emissions, Air Pollutants and Water Reductions

7.6MW Bloom Energy Fuel Cells (Melville) vs Long Island Electric Grid Marginal Emissions